A total of 16 crews with more than 200 crew members – volunteers from several EU countries – worked on board the IUVENTA between June 2016 and August 2017.

Every single mission was a combination of different positions aboard ranging between a variety of skills and competences.

This joint effort made it possible that a couple of hundred volunteers, with minimal resources and a 33-meter long old fishing vessel, rescued more than 14.000 people in distress.

After the seizure of the IUVENTA in August 2017, when rescue operations were obstructed by Italian authorities, the operational team (medical & technical departments, crewing & field coordination) and a large number of crew members were determined to continue the ongoing struggle for migrants‘ rights.

The collective IUVENTA – Solidarity at Sea was born. While unable to continue rescue operations with the IUVENTA, the focus shifted to raising public and political awareness on the one hand, and supporting other NGOs like Sea-Watch, Mission Lifeline and Sea Eye, on the other hand.

In June 2018, criminal investigations against rescue workers were officially launched by the prosecutor in Trapani, Sicily/Italy – among those are ten IUVENTA crew members:

The collective IUVENTA – Solidarity at Sea is

  • Composed of the ten crew members under investigation.
  • IUVENTA crew members supporting those ten under investigation.
  • Standing in solidarity with all SAR NGOs and the Seebrücke who we fight alongside with.
  • Fighting against the mass dying at Europe‘s borders and the criminalisation of solidarity with migrants.
  • Defending safe harbors, human rights and the freedom of movement