Ahoy there, you wonderful people, supporters and still-believers in human rights!

First of all, we want to thank you for all the fan mail, dear words and concrete help we have received from so many of you. Thank you – it is great not to be alone! All this has put another scoop of motivation on top and we will keep pushing forward. With you and now more than ever!

What is the current status?

Not much has changed since our last update. The investigations by the Italian public prosecutor’s office against the Trapani10 (that’s us, 10 crew members of the IUVENTA) for ‘aiding and abetting illegal immigration’ continue. We still have no access to the files and no concrete accusations have been raised yet. The possible sentence is still up to 20 years imprisonment. Meanwhile, the affected crew is not allowed to go on further missions because of the threat of pre-trail detention in Italy, the lawyers say. Yes, let it sink in … going to prison for saving lives. Thank you EU! In the meantime the appointment for the technical examination of confiscated laptops and mobile phones has been postponed. In order to prevent this from taking on even more prodigious proportions we have requested that the investigation be carried out by an independent expert. Our wonderful lawyer Nicola Canestrini says: “The technical laboratory must not become an extension of the police and public prosecutor’s office. An independent investigation will once again show that no Iuventa crew member has ever had anything to do with organised crime.” The actual indictment is expected next year.
That does not mean, however, that there is nothing to do until then! Trial preparations, media and public relations work, fundraising & Co. are a huge pile of work, which sometimes comes with more and sometimes with less fun.

How can you continue to support us?

The most important thing is that the topic does not disappear from our minds – not only important for the Trapani10, but above all for all those who have no access to safe escape routes and are left to die miserably at Europe’s external borders!
So keep flooding the streets, distribute our info material, which is available in six languages (click here to download, otherwise let us know and we’ll send you some stuff), write, scream and change the world!
Stay up to date on our fancy website solidarity-at-sea.org and on facebook, twitter and instagram. If you have received the newsletter in a detour, you can register here directly.

Well, and then there’s the never ending story of money. In addition to lawyers’ and court costs, there are also media, transport and printing costs, which arise around our case and do not decrease – quite the opposite. Please help us out so that we can do our work. Yes? Ok, thank you

e.g. by buying nice solidarity t-shirts and calendars here

or make a direct donation, that would be splendid!

Big, fat hugs and the most honest thanks go to…

  • our attorneys, for still standing by our side
  • Seebrücke and Unteilbar, for bringing the cause out onto the streets
  • our friends from Sea-Watch and Jugend Rettet
  • the German band Feine Sahne Fischfilet and their label Audiolith, who took us along on their tour
  • Amnesty International and ECCHR for their vigorous support
  • our friends from Mescal and Barrochio in Turin for the warm welcome and the greatest polenta action ever

… and to all the others who stand beside us in various ways, who always open their doors for us, who provide us with sleeping places, full refrigerators and refueled cars, who strengthen our backs and without whom much of what we are doing right now would not be possible… You are the best. Merci

What have we done and what are we up to?

We still have a lot to do, but we have already achieved so much. After smashing through the last events of the year, we will tell you more about all the great places, people and opportunities we came across since July in our yearly review.
Here you can always find all the latest information about upcoming talks, screenings, conferences and events. Come by and say hello!

#guiltyofsolidarity #beourpartnersincrime

Dearest people, it’s really grim in Europe right now. Let’s do something about it! It is not only the Trapani10 who are confronted with the criminalization of sea rescue, decency and helpfulness. In many EU countries more and more people find themselves under pressure by political arbitrariness – because they have shown solidarity with the ‘wrong’ people.
Sarah and Sean were in Greek custody for more than 100 days because of their work on Lesbos. They were released on bail only a few days ago. The Stansted 15 have to fear life sentences because they have peacefully blocked a deportation. On the day of the 70th birthday of human rights, a court ruled that their actions had violated anti-terrorist laws. In the French town of Gap, activists have been brought to justice because they allegedly made it possible for 20 migrants to cross the Italian-French border through a demonstration. After eleven days in custody, 25 days of house arrest followed. Some of them now have to go to prison for 4 months. Tunisian fishermen are accused of rescuing people in distress at sea. The mayor of Riace, Italy, is punished for his showcase project of integration. More and more NGO ships are prevented from working in the Mediterranean. While our friends from Proactiva Open Arms receive a Human Rights Award in Spain for their tireless and fearless work in the Mediterranean, as one of the last three remaining rescue ships that continue to stand up for those who would die without them, this is precisely why they are to be prosecuted in Italy… The list is long and getting longer.

It’s about much more than ‘just’ the freedom of the Trapani10 or our so-called accomplices. It is about every individual who wishes to live in an open and free society. It is about you!
These are not side notes of failed EU policy. It is a clear, deliberate and planned attack on our rights and freedom. We do not want a fascist Europe – let us fight!
We are delighted that you are with us!

Your Trapani10




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