The Guardian
No NGO rescue boats currently in central Mediterranean, agencies warn
Exclusive: The sea has had no migrant rescue boats since 26 August – the longest period since operations began in 2015

New Zealand Herald
30 Jul 2018
New Zealander under investigation after rescuing illegal migrants in … Schmidt, the head of mission on the Iuventa told the Herald she was among 10 crew members of rescue ship Iuventa being investigated by an Italian prosecutor …

Deutsche Welle
28 Jul 2018
Italy investigating German refugee rescue workers – Ten of the rescue workers who are part of the investigation are crew members of the rescue ship Iuventa, which belongs to the Berlin-based NGO Jugend Rettet …

U.S. News & World Report
20 Jun 2018
Can a Country Stop the Flow of Refugees? – “There was no sign of whatever investigation, it wouldn’t make sense that they … The fate of the Iuventa, still detained in Italy today, is a months-long case study …

The Rebel
25 Apr 2018
… supreme Court of Cassation to release the Iuventa, a ship the German-based …

U.S. News & World Report
24 Apr 2018
Italy’s High Court Refuses to Release Migrant Rescue Ship
… eight months ago by prosecutors investigating allegations that non-governmental … Prosecutors told the court that the Iuventa was seized based on three …

24 Apr 2018
Italian court rules Iuventa rescue vessel will remain impounded
The Iuventa had become the primary target of an investigation, which included the use of an undercover agent, bugging devices, tapped phone calls as well as …

The Intercept
20 Apr 2018 – Chloe Haralambous Zach Campbell
An Italian Court Decision Could Keep Rescue Boats From Saving …
The Iuventa is used to rescue migrants attempting the perilous sea crossing between North Africa and Italy, but the prosecutor said he was investigating the …

20 March 2018 – Daniel Howden
Europe’s new anti-migrant strategy? Blame the rescuers
Across Europe’s seas, anti-immigrant strategies have found a new target: the rescuers
3 Oct. 2017 – Daniel Howden
The Central Mediterranean : European Priorities, Libyan Realities

open migration
September 20, 2017 – Marina Petrillo
Eight things we have learnt from the papers on the Iuventa

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